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mad about pots.

delivering the brand through their heritage, and their people.

the brief: to create a story of the brand and people for promotion.

the result: the client was delighted. After the initial launch the video was translated into Japanese, Korean, Chinese for partner retailers. The video was featured in Macy’s San Francisco and on the John Lewis website.

how did we do it?

capturing behind the scenes at Denby over a 3 day shoot.

Focusing on the Denby team and their work, we created playful and engaging videos. Mixing live video, motion graphics and stills we demonstrated the heritage, design and processes that Denby are passionate about. 

During the post-production process, we added animated bouncing plates, a London bus, swirling cups and hand prints to bring the key facts to life.

To illustrate and enhance the brand values we created a moving timeline to show the story of the brand from its humble beginnings to the present day. 

a twist of animation.

Handmade in England.

celebrating Denby's 200 year English Heritage.

Denby has been making pottery in the English countryside since 1809 and they pride themselves in their consistently high reputation.

To celebrate their rich heritage and superior products, Denby required a series of new videos to help tell their story.

When they approached us to help we knew we had to get to the heart of the brand.

  • client: Denby
  • deliverables: a set of videos for existing and prospective retail partners, Denby visitor centre, and Denby e-commerce site. Used at UK and international trade fairs.
  • the added extras: bespoke edits and packs for different retailers and locations in the UK and internationally

out on set.

the proof is in the pudding. a few of our projects:

Kuehne + Nagel.
delivering 24/7.

Mm. video

Boots Miles for Macmillan.
charity spirit captured on film.

Mm. video

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