unleashing the creative possibilities of tilt brush with the htc vive

posted by Michael Kruft Oct 05, 2016

There is a revolution happening that you need to take advantage of right now. The way in which artists can express themselves has taken a leap into the virtual world.

Tilt Brush enables you to draw free-form in a 3D space using the HTC Vive and its controllers.

This enabling technology has not yet found its boundaries; graphic artists, film makers and game developers are exploring what is possible with this new medium. 

As with new and popular plugins and filters that are developed for creative tools like After Effects, Avid, Cinema4D - Google's Tilt Brush's style will become visible to the world through branding, advertising and marketing.

With any standout next level technology, a wave of work will signal a new era of creativity.

Since its original release Google has added some must have tools to Tilt Brush:

  • Rotate and resize: You can now scale, rotate, or translate your sketches
  • 3D model import: You can now add 3D models directly into your Tilt Brush sketches 
  • High resolution snapshot mode: Rendered images at a very useful 11,880 x 6,588 pixels


With continued development we expect to see a fully featured set of 3D tools aimed at professional artists.

At MEDIAmaker we’re making our very own Tilt Brush designs. The ability to free-form sketch in 3D and in real time has created an aesthetic that, although technically possible before, has never been realised in this way.

We have an opportunity to develop our skills as this technology emerges and as its usages are discovered.

Watch the video to see how Kay created a magnificent bird.

It is possible to export your Tilt Brush file as a 3D model, so we took Kay's design and rendered it in 3D. You can see how that works at the end of the video.


You can view the 3D model in detail below. Drag the model around using your mouse and zoom using the scroll wheel.

You can also view in VR by clicking on the google cardboard icon. You will need to use a cardboard viewer and a powerful smartphone.


All this work is developmental and everyone is experimenting to see how they can implement it.

Join with MEDIAmaker to get some refreshing content and engage your audience like never before.

Here are some other examples of work created with Tilt Brush that have practical applications that we like.