logistics planning for happy delegates

posted by Helen Lamont Feb 14, 2017

When planning an event we always have the delegate in mind, first and foremost. What will it feel like to walk in their shoes? How can we create a positive delegate experience?

Here are our top tips for logistics planning for happy delegates:


Make registration as quick and easy for the delegate as possible.

Event information

What information would you want to know if you were going to an event? For me, it would be where, when, times and dress code. Make sure this information is easy to find.

Site visit

Do a site visit to help you plan the day. Walk through the day as a delegate, ideally in the order they would do it in. Think about where the car park is, what signage is needed, where the toilets are, what routes delegates will take, the location of registration desks, cloakrooms and catering, where conference and breakout rooms are, etc. This will help you plan how much help you will need it on the day and make the delegate process smoother.

On the day

As a delegate you turn up at a strange venue and have no idea where you are going, so it’s great when you spot a familiar logo or even better a real person welcoming you to the event and directing you to registration.


Have smiley, helpful and pro-active people on registration - this does make a huge difference to the delegate experience.


Food makes people happy, so making sure everyone is well fed and watered is really important and a good investment. Regular tea and coffee breaks keep delegates energised.

Where to sit

This is a tricky one. We really understand why people would want to sit with their friends, but we also think you can get a lot out of mixing with other people from the business.


This is so difficult to get right. It’s hard enough in a small office, but in a large conference room which might start off really cold and heat quickly when you add lots of people and equipment into the mix, it’s even harder to manage and any changes can take a lot time to take effect. But think about this in advance and talk to the venue about how best to manage the room’s temperature.

Moving delegates

It can be really hard to move large numbers of delegates without it feeling like people are being herded, but smiley people to assist with moving people and good planning helps. Clear instructions from an MC can also be really helpful.

The delegate experience

If a delegate has been well looked after and is made to feel comfortable and welcome, they are going to get far more out of the event.

To make your delegates ‘happy delegates’ let us handle your Logistics and delegate management processes. Contact us at hello@mediamaker.co.uk