4 lockdown comms myths busted

May 21, 2020

There's a lot of confusing information out there about what you can and can't do during lockdown.

Here are some of the myths we've heard - and how they can be busted.

Myth: “You can’t hold a conference whilst maintaining social distancing”
You can! Virtual events are a brilliant way to bring people together and share your key messages. The best part is that with interactive tools, everyone gets to be part of the conversation. Unlike video conferencing tools like Zoom or MS Teams, hundreds of people can be brought together in one virtual event and have their say. Everyone gets the same message and you don’t have to repeat the event over and over to cover off all your teams.

If you want to try a virtual event, but don't want the hassle of trying to cobble a solution together yourself, we offer our own virtual event platform with full event support. Find out more here.

Myth: “You can’t commission video or animation projects whilst in lockdown”
Not true – just like on the news channels, video interviews can be conducted over the internet, or at an appropriate distance in person once it’s safe to do so. Animation projects are ideal for remote working, and so is self-shot client material that can be edited into powerful communications. We’ve been working with remote clients for years, so we know how easy it can be.

Myth: “You can’t engage with your customers and colleagues without being face to face”
Actually, digital portals and regular, tailored communications are the norm in this business, even before lockdown, so really nothing has changed in that sense. We’re just a lot more reliant on live and recorded video and audio content to make sure we’re not missing that personal connection.

Myth: “People are turned off by video conferencing”
On the contrary: people are more eager than ever to have a live human experience whilst in lockdown. But many of the same rules apply as they do in face to face presentation, the content and delivery still needs to be engaging and interactive where appropriate. 

Need some advice on how to keep communicating effectively during lockdown? Here are some of the great ways we can help or just get in touch!