is the future of video 360?

posted by Mike Kruft May 02, 2016

YouTube, Google Cardboard and Facebook ads

Back in March 2015 YouTube started hosting 360 degree video.  

You can view it using a Chrome browser on you Mac or PC and by using your mouse you can drag the picture side to side and up and down a full 360 degrees.  Alternatively you can use a YouTube app on your iPad, or Android device. 

The sensors in these devices track motion and relate it to what you can see on the screen. This means you can rotate them 360 degrees to look around the scene.  It is a bit like witchcraft.     

On YouTube it is also possible to get a Virtual Reality experience using a Google Cardboard viewer and your smartphone.  When watching a 360 video, under the setting tab, you will see a little cardboard icon which looks a bit like the mask of Zorro, select it to split the screen into a view for each eye. 

With your phone placed inside the Cardboard viewer look around, the sensors in your phone tracks your head motion and rotates the scene around to mach your movements.  This gives you a VR experience and sometimes motion sickness.  Always set the resolution to the highest you can for the best experience possible.

You can view some of our 360 video work in progress on YouTube or Facebook. It is a virtual gallery which is loosely based on some of the elements of our office. It features videos of some of our work.

There are quite a lot of 360 live action video on YouTube which might give you ideas as to how it could be useful for your business.  Even our Queen is down with it.

In November 2015 Facebook started testing 360 video.

Here are some examples of how brands are getting on board with advertising using 360 degree video on Facebook.

More information can be found here

This year VR tech is happening with the Oculus Rift, HTC VIVE, PlayStation VR and Microsoft HoloLens becoming an actual reality.  These headsets will cost of hundreds of pounds so we believe the cardboard viewer, with your smartphone, will remain the most accessible.

Cardboard viewers cost only a few pound and are readily available form online retailers.  They range from the original concept of a folded bit of cardboard with a couple of lenses, to more comfortable plastic viewers with focus, pupillary distance adjustment, cushioning and head straps.

The second generation Cardboard viewer uses a magnetic switch on the outside of the viewer, this triggers the NFC on your phone and works like a mouse click.  It is worth getting one of these because you will find it tedious getting you phone out in order to press play. 

There are other uses for Cardboard besides watching video. 

Here are some of the best apps so far.

We've started developing a VR app but you will have to wait until next time to hear about that.