explore the brain with our new immersive virtual reality app

posted by Mike Kruft Aug 15, 2017

MEDIAmaker has teamed up with Headway, the brain injury association, to create a new virtual reality tour of the brain. 


About the app

Our innovative new app helps brain injury survivors and their loved ones explore the brain, and is also a valuable educational tool for those wishing to learn more about this complex and fascinating subject.

When a particular area of the brain is damaged it can affect the activities it performs.  Injury to the temporal or frontal lobes can cause problems with memory, and difficulty with perception if the parietal lobe is damaged. We created the Brain Explorer virtual reality app which shows the functions of the major areas of the brain. We have also included real stories on the far-reaching effects of a brain injury on people’s lives. Users of the app will have an interactive learning experience by navigating around the 3D ‘room’ in VR using their phone, in a VR headset, or on a tablet.



“The new Brain Explorer virtual reality app provides an innovative new way to explore the brain’s structures, and the effects that an injury can cause,” said Headway’s Website and Social Media Manager, Andrew Taylor. “It has great potential as a learning aid, helping people to engage with the subject and understand more about how the brain works.

 “We are delighted to have partnered with MEDIAMaker on this novel approach to raising awareness and understanding of brain injury.”


Watch the promo

Download the app


If you cannot find this app to download it is likely that your device is not VR ready.


Using VR

This experience is designed for mobile VR, it works with Apple or Android phones and tablets.  It takes advantage of the capacitive screen button in cardboard V2.

Using the app in virtual reality mode offers an exciting and immersive way to explore the brain like never before. You can purchase a low-cost headset from major retailers such as Amazon and Argos.

Once the headset arrives, just open the app, pop your phone inside, place on your head and start exploring! 

For safety, we highly recommend that you sit down when using the app in VR mode. We also recommend a swivel chair so you can enjoy the full 360-degree experience!

If you begin to feel any nausea or disorientation when using the app in VR mode, stop using immediately.

Please check your device reaches the minim specification and is VR ready with your manufacturer before purchasing a headset.

The app can also be used in full screen mode without a headset by turning VR mode off using the menu underneath the brain.


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