event food making healthier choices while working on events

posted by Alison Glaves Jan 29, 2016

Food is one of my passions, but getting healthy food at events is the one thing that seems such an effort to achieve. For over a year now I have changed the way I eat and have really enjoyed the healthier approach, feeling better, fitter and becoming even fussier about what I eat. 

I know I’m not alone on this. We all know that if you’re in the events industry, it’s not just the event catering that you need to sort, but its feeding yourself on the way to meetings and site visits, working long hours, getting up before breakfast and missing lunch.

I know you’ve all been there many times and continue to do so.

So here’s the thing – I’m on a campaign to get food retailers, convenience stores, service stations and venues to think about the healthier eating customer.

Are we so rare that the only thing you can buy in a Shell station is a warm, spot-lit apple? Yes they are on a top shelf under the lights! Or ordering healthy food at a venue costs twice as much and is ordered in especially.

Gone are the days of sandwiches and chips, or dry bacon baps, we need looking after and we need venues, retailers and food experts to get on side. Let’s make healthy food a first choice not a special order. Let’s have healthy food in our service stations and motorway outlets. If you can’t stop at M&S, Boots or Co-op, you’re stuck – thank you guys for your healthy food!

Where do we go from here? Join me on my campaign – let’s make a change to our customers and our colleagues and create healthy events and a healthy UK. #healthyfoodfirst