how to get the most out of your employee event feedback

posted by Kay De Garay Mar 15, 2016

After weeks of planning and coordinating, the end of a successful conference can bring with it a great sense of completion and accomplishment. You’re happy, your client’s happy, but what about the attendees – did they gain the insights and motivations you set for them?

Business delegates can vary greatly in their expectations, based on company culture and previous conferences they may have attended. So, obtaining feedback is vital in helping you ensure every conference is a success. 

But while feedback is essential to you, completing a lengthy survey may not be high on the agenda for the attendees once the event is over.

So here are some tips for making leaving feedback as easy as possible for your attendees.

Instant Feedback

  • Use technology

Catch people’s thoughts during the day or before they leave the conference. Use an event app or a Twitter hashtag for your conference, and remember to encourage attendees to comment throughout the day. This can even generate many more responses than a post-event survey. Collating and analysing the response data will be much simpler too.

  • Oldie-but-goodie: the feedback card

Even the old-fashioned method of filling in a brief feedback card at the end of the day can help ensure you get feedback while it’s still fresh in people’s minds.

Post-Event Surveys

  • Keep it short and sweet

If you do decide on a post-conference survey you’re sending out by email, make sure it’s as clear and concise as possible.

  • Ticking all the boxes

It's much quicker for attendees to tick boxes rating different aspects of the event, but be careful to make the options relevant. A selection of Brilliant, Good, Ok, Poor may be more beneficial than Yes, No, Don’t Know.

  • Free Text boxes

Always allow attendees the space to comment freely. There may be aspects that they liked or disliked that weren’t obvious on the day. Useful, but also trickier to incorporate into your data analysis.

  • Asking the right questions

Ask questions that will help you plan the next conference with this client. It may be attractive to ask about aspects they are likely to have enjoyed to make feedback appear positive, but it’s more useful to ask about areas think didn’t work as well as they could have. The responses may help you come up with a more suitable solution next time.

  • Reach out at the right time

Sending surveys out too long after the conference will leave attendees reluctant to respond. It’s best to catch the momentum of the conference still fresh in their minds. Send surveys the same day or first thing in the morning

Most importantly ensure that you use their feedback to rate your conference honestly and fairly.

No two conferences are ever identical, so with worthwhile feedback from attendees we can learn something new every time to keep making your conferences better and better. But don't stop there - ask yourself and your team feedback questions about the conference too: check our out 10 Steps To Brilliant Post-Conference Analysis.