creating VR for engaging events

posted by Mike Kruft Mar 06, 2018

Wherever you go these days there seems to be a pop up with a queue of people excited to have a go with a VR headset.  Businesses are cashing in on this technology to drive engagement with their customers.  It's not surprising, considering that this disruptive media has received enormous amounts of hype.  But does it live up to the expectation and is it delivering for business?  The answer quite simply is yes and yes!  


The very first time you put on a headset , and dive into the unknown you will understand the hype.  VR is transforming how we think about every aspect of our lives, well maybe.  How easily the human mind is tricked into believing they are actually in the virtual world is astonishing.  Watching people refusing to step off a virtual ledge or respecting a graphical wall shows how immediately they buy into a fake world that has been constructed around them.

How can you take advantage of this technology?  Until you see VR used in a context that fits your business, you may not identify a need for it. We have been thinking of how to use virtual reality for a while, and have creative ideas that will deliver engagement for you.  If you would like to discuss how to implement VR within your business, we would love to talk to you.

Take a look at a simple game we have made.  It is fully customisable and can be branded to your event.  This one is just for fun, and a bit of competition.