it all began with a burger... the 25 years of MEDIAmaker

posted by Alison Glaves Jan 08, 2019

A journey none of us had planned for

It all began with a crucial decision over a burger in McDonalds. It was December 1993 and the story of ‘Four Go Into Business’ was about to be written and none of us new how the story would unfold. The characters we would meet along the way and the people that would ultimately be the family we spent most of our lives with were all unknown but the one thing we did know was that we were confident in our ability to make a difference.

MEDIAmaker was born in Nottingham by four passionate and talented people who could see that the communications world was changing. We had come from the frivolous 80’s where corporate cash seemed in endless supply and a long lunch with agency clients and customers was the norm. But the 90’s evolved into a more competitive era and being in tune with our clients’ world was key to shaping MEDIAmaker and future proofing our young business.

Our specialism was helping customers stage their corporate performance whether that was a formal City Results presentation, a motivational sales conference and AGM or an awards night. Soon our creative content would no longer be the 35mm slides that took forever to make but would be at our fingertips via a keyboard and mouse. 

The digital age had arrived, and we greeted it with open arms. Just 3 years after this journey began, we won our first award for creating an Intranet. The rest as they say is history. Our live events had a new lease of life, we could add a new dimension and build our potential with new digital assets.  in 1999 one of our clients saw this potential and bought the company.

A giant leap into a whole new world 

Our team was bigger now with around 12 people and being part of a bigger organisation was a giant leap into a different world of business. The World Wide Web was our new vehicle and enhancing our events with technology was an exciting proposition. We moved premises, employed more people, enjoyed more diverse live and digital projects and became trusted partners to blue chip companies that were huge in comparison to us, but it felt right and it worked. So much so that a few years later we bought the company back so that we could focus on our core talents.

Our new and modern approach coupled with our understanding of the marketing and communications needs of our customers has been key to our success.  We have been able to support major retailers, manufacturers, financiers and institutions, we have survived turbulent markets, recessions, crashes and political upheaval so we’ve not done too badly when you see it on paper! 

Who we have become

We are proud of our strongly managed company and the services we offer. Our strategy of Think, Create Deliver enables us to deliver the Art of Great Communication. Our events and our digital solutions engage, inform, involve, teach and promote companies all over the world in a wide variety of languages. The MEDIAmaker experience is caring, considered, creative and confident all born from an involve and evolve ethic within our teams.

We have never been the entrepreneurs who make a fast buck and run despite the consequences. We are a people business who value each other and enjoy the rewards of success together. It has not always been easy. No-one prepares you for losing a member of the team to cancer or the collapse of a client, the takeover of another and the pressures of big companies taking an age to pay.  But as they say, ‘what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger’ and looking back, those bleak times created better resilience and valuable insight.

Now more than ever, having learnt so much, we know we are doing the right things for our customers. We are a strong and talented team who have never lost the passion for Live and Digital Experiences and the reward of seeing our Customers do well from our actions is a constant reminder that despite being full of calories, that burger in McDonalds was a fine idea.