10 steps to brilliant post-conference analysis

posted by Kay De Garay May 10, 2017

Whew! Another corporate event done, delegates delighted, clients buzzing and you're ready to ride the wave to the next big thing. 

But hold on.

In the rush of completing an event, it’s so easy to get whisked away on to the next job without even taking a breather. The hiccups get forgotten and the snags glossed over in that fuzzy post-event glow.

But this is the perfect time to stop, reflect and take stock of all the things that went brilliantly, and what could be improved on next time. Share your views and compare notes with your client, particularly if you are aiming to repeat the conference in a similar (or even completely different!) format.

So to help you keep developing and improving your corporate event processes we're sharing our: 

10-step checklist for brilliant post-conference analysis

1. Pre-Conference briefing and planning

Was the initial brief clear and accurate? 
Were client objectives clearly defined?

2. Design /Graphics

Were the design requirements communicated clearly?
Was the branding strongly communicated?

3. Delegate Communication

Was the Delegate Management System used effective in communicating essential information to delegates quickly and easily?
Was the planning of communications such as mailshots and updates sufficiently detailed?

4. Logistics

Were pre-conference logistics well planned and understood by the client and the venue
Was delegate movement around the venue smooth and without any ‘people traffic jams’?
Were communications with client and venue clear and well-coordinated during the conference?

5. Project Management

Were budgets clearly understood and communicated by the client?
Were planning meetings productive in reviewing progress and taking action?

6. Technical

Did technical processes run smoothly?

7. Venue

How appropriate was the venue for the type of conference?
How amenable was the venue to the conference or technical requirements and last minute changes?

8. Catering

Was the food of suitable quality?
Were all dietary needs catered for?

9. Content

Was the content well delivered to the delegates?

And most importantly…

10. Client Satisfaction

Was the client happy with the conference?

Of course there may be plenty of other considerations specific to your conference, but with a framework you can use each time a conference is completed, you can be sure that your processes are always improving. This will help you, your colleagues and your clients understand the full picture of everyone’s needs and help you continue to create fantastic conferences.

Creating fantastic conferences that get delegates excited is what we love doing. If you want help with your conference, get in touch at hello@mediamaker.co.uk